One of services we provide

Custom WordPress themes and plugins


We have many years of experience in developing custom WordPress plugins and themes. Non-standard themes can accommodate both newly created web pages and change existing web page design. Templates then work with both ordinary web pages as well as solutions based on plugins (WooCommerce, LearnPress etc.). We have experience developing plugins for various synchronization solutions; importing information from JSON, Excel, XML files, API; information processing and calculations;  generating PDF, Excel files; expand WooCommerce functionality. We can write any plugin – we are only limited by your imagination!



When creating themes, especially plugins, we use WordPress hooks and filters, so our solutions are extremely flexible and easily edited, altered.


Code quality

We write object-oriented code, following WordPress standards, so our code is optimal and easy to understand.

Custom Wordpress plugins and themes


We devote a lot of attention to safety – filtering data, following the programming standards to ensure that our solutions are not violated.

A bit of technical information

When developing, we use object-oriented programming (OOP), supported by the MVC architectural principle. To ensure quick and high-quality work, we use Docker and Gulp software. We use GIT to maintain versioning. To ensure code quality, we adhere to WordPress coding standards, and in order to guarantee code quality, we use automated testing software.