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About Us

Who are we and what do we do?

We are a small software development company, focusing on the “premium” segment – high-quality, high-performance and intuitive user experience solutions. Although the core of our business is creating websites, we also implement all WEB platform software solutions. Our team has many years of experience in developing business management, large-scale custom projects, and using this experience in creating websites, we are able to offer the very best, most supported and administered, speed efficient solutions. We use the most advanced programming and quality assured techniques, and we not only declare high standards, but also keep to them. Contact us and we will provide details about the technologies used and the benefits that we can provide.

Our mision

High-quality internet solutions, websites working smoothly and continuously, professional project and faced challenges management.

Our vision

To become a "premium" segment website development leader in Europe and to ensure the best experience for customers of the biggest brands on the internet.

Our values

Reliability, responsibility and teamwork.

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Before the creation of the website, usually the first question is- “how does this work?” The process leading from an idea to a fully functioning site, can be broken down into the following main steps:

  1. Specification preparation – a detailed description of the entire project.
  2. Wireframe drawing – the design layout.
  3. Design drawing.
  4. Design Coding – Design conversion to HTML code. This page is opened in a browser and looks like a working website, but it is not functional.
  5. Development – the coded design transforms into a fully functional, working website.

Working principles

A little more information about our working principles.



– Page load time
– Security
– Minimized risk of errors
– User experience (UX)
– Effortless maintenance



– Gulp
– Versioning (CI/CD Pipelines)
– Code quality/standards (code sniffers)

Contact us for cooperation possibilities

Contact us – we will be happy to tell you more about ourselves, our work principles and our technologies. Consultations are absolutely free, so if you are still in doubt – ask – we are looking forward to sharing our experience!

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